Driving q&a

What’s your drivers IQ?

Age aside, knowledge of the rule of the road can save your life. Here are a few selected questions to test you.

1. How many hours must you accompany your teen before they can get their probationary license?

40 daytime & 10 night time hours.

2. When is it legal to exceed the posted speed limit?


3. Developing good attitudes toward driving leads to becoming?

A safe, responsible, and defensive driver.

4. What sign could help motorist services find you on the expressway if you needed help?

A mile marker sign.

5. Which spot of a semi-truck has the biggest blind spot?


6. Before driving in Winter,you should make sure what is clear of snow and ice?
All windows, lights, and license plates.
7. At what point should you slow down when exiting an expressway?

DMV Practice Test

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